team support couple

Team Support

Ardeo is looking for a married couple (a family with our without children) who have a call of God to serve in cross-cultural missions. The Team Support couple looks after the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the single missionaries on the team. This team will also support the Pastors in various ministry roles. This position is very crucial in the areas of emotional and spiritual support, encouragement, organization, and advocacy for their church plant team. The couple who fills this position should be relationally driven and able to mentor/coach the 40/40 Missionaries as they carry the day-to-day tasks of managing ministry.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the local church pastor(s), who are in charge of all ministry, vision and strategy decisions and planning

  • Fulfill the mission of the church plant through the 40/40 Team Structure

  • Lead the team in all domestic and non-ministerial matters related to the 40/40s. Including, but not limited to; establishing specific operating rules/policies, house standards and upholding the rules/policies of Ardeo

  • Manage all financial budgets relating to 40/40 spending, utilities, and housing

  • Provide accountability for the 40/40s in all of their work expectations and responsibilities

  • Help with conflict management between team members

  • Care for 40/40 spiritual, emotional and physical well-being

  • Maintain and facilitate communication within the team unit

  • Support positive team morale

  • Advocate on behalf of the 40/40s to Ardeo leadership and also advocate on behalf of Ardeo leadership to the 40/40s.

  • Represent Ardeo as the ranking leader in their city of service

Job Requirements

  • Married couple

  • Previous church and/or team leadership experience (preferred)

  • Effective communicators

  • Ability to manage simple budgets

  • Clear call of God to serve in missions

  • Willing to become efficient in a new foreign language (if applicable)

  • Passport


Position Available: 1
Need by: Immediately
Contract Term: months