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I am ever increasingly in awe of the direction in which God has taken me. Looking back over the past years that I have been with Extreme, I see my story is a series of connections. I don’t even think some of the best novelists could have come up with what God has! From a seemingly random college choice of going to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, to graduating with a degree in Spanish… most of these choices, from my perspective, were random! But now, I see how wildly in love God is with me and how insistent He is that I walk near Him.

Something that I have been learning about this job is that it’s basically a worship leading position. I have the privilege of having lots of contact with young adult missionaries on the ground and then get to share their stories. These are not even just “stories” but they are “gospels” in the truest sense of the word, in that they are good news! I get to share the good news of what is happening on the mission field, and then invite others to praise the Lord with us for the might work of his hand!!!

Trevor's work:
2010-2012 - 40/40 Church Planter NA (Puno)
2012-2013 - South America Mobilization Coordinator (Quito)
2013-2016 - Messaging Coordinator (Boise, ID)
2016-Present - Messaging Manager (Boise, ID)