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After our first year of service as volunteer missionaries in Guatemala in 2005, God gave us an opportunity to move to Argentina. We then started off on a fund raising tour in the United States. That tour was a very difficult time as we tried to understand exactly what God had in store for us. We finally moved to Pilar, Argentina in June 2006. Within just a couple weeks there Brian was presented the opportunity to take over a ministry called Extreme that started in Ukraine.  God didn't tell us to take on Extreme, but he did tell us something that forever changed our lives. In a nearly audible voice, he said, "Brian do you remember all those people you spoke to on your fund raising tour that were sitting in the back row, not active in My Salvation Plan for the world? Go get my people and get them engaged in Kingdom work."

We knew instantly that this new ministry was the best avenue available to engage people in Kingdom work. We spent the next year and a half working night and day trying to put all the pieces together to complete the Convention Center and plant 10 new churches in Buenos Aires. During that time, God put amazing people on our team that made the project a success.  

After those initial team members came several hundred others who sacrificed time, resources, energy and expertise toward that first project in Pilar. On January 26, 2008, we inaugurated the convention center in front of over three thousand people. That event was not the end, however. That event marked the beginning of what was then called Extreme Nazarene Missions.  In August 2018 Extreme, in an effort to appeal across denominational lines, changed its name to Ardeo Global. 

Since 2006, Ardeo has grown from one full-time volunteer to almost one hundred employees today. We have deployed over three thousand people on two-week work projects and have raised over 12 million dollars for impact and construction projects in Ukraine, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Germany, The United States and Venezuela. The keys to these God-sent blessings have been a dynamic mix of recruiting, training and mobilizing lay people and effective project organization on the field. Ardeo has a team of people in the United States working full time to promote its projects in churches, business and in people’s living rooms. Ardeo makes personal invitations to people to come and serve as God has gifted them. Perhaps the biggest element to its success lies in the fact that our entire missionary force is self-supported through personal donors.

40/40 is arguable Ardeo's greatest contribution to God's Kingdom. 40/40 was a concept developed to plant churches. The initial goal was to partner up 40 Peruvians with 40 North Americans in pairs to plant 3 churches each. The result of that original vision was the planting of 69 churches in Peru. Since then, the 40/40 movement has spread to Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Venezuela, The United States and Brazil. We believe that 40/40 is part of God's plan to reach the entire world and the people of Ardeo are excited to see that become a reality.

Your support of our family makes it possible for us to continue to work hard and be focused on the task at hand to deploy people into an effective Kingdom expansion.