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My name is T.J. Seaney. I am a 23 year old golf swingin', music and sports loving "kid" from Boise, Idaho. Since I was little I have always felt a call to missions. It was my answer in Sunday School when they asked me, "what are you going to be when you grow up?". I couldn't be a pastor (like my dad) because, that wasn't "cool" enough. But, as the years went on and the childish dreams I once had were all but gone, I was at a cross road in my life! So, I applied to Extreme! It was an amazing experience. I flew down to San Diego, and went through a "Cross-Cultural Orientation." I learned all about this culture I was about to enter and the exciting challenges that would be presented & it was invigorating. After that experience, I left with a job offer in hand and an opportunity to spread the gospel in a far-off land. But I said........ No. Quite a morbid end to the story, but it isn't mine to tell, it's God's and for His glory. I was 19 years old and the year was 2012. I can look back now and see that my desires did not mirror God's. I was like the man who built his house on the sand or the seed cast among the thorns. I thought I had faith, but when God's purpose for my life came calling it was too much to bear. This in turn led to resentment. I felt like Peter hearing the rooster crow the third time; or Thomas needing proof that God is who He says He is; or Judas kissing the Messiah's cheek. I wanted everything He has to offer but wanted to keep my pride. So obviously, things needed to change. My mom always tells me, "life is a step by step process." So, I started taking little steps of faith. Like Noah building the ark in the desert or the man building his house upon the rock when he could have built it on the sand. I had to have a faith centered foundation. When God's purpose came crashing into me, like the waves into Noah's ark, I was ready! Which leads me to January 2017. God's purpose came crashing into me and the childhood dream bloomed like the flowers in springtime, I was the man who built his house on the rock. I still had to battle a little, by no means am I saying I have it figured out. I asked them if they had a job that I could do in the states. They did not even entertain that idea. I was going to be a 40/40! Like a parent pushing their child to fulfill the dream and vision they have for them. I thank them for that. We are all a part of God's great story. If your reading this, I assume, your deeply invested in Extreme or are at least interested in what they are doing in the world. Please donate. There are more bricks to be laid, more lives to be saved and more chains to break. Please pray. When a dream is realized it is not the end but the beginning. I am a human and have fears and hang ups and all sorts of things. I need you, God needs you and we all need each other. To fulfill the story God has planned for each and every one of us. Thanks!

Thomas's work:
2017-Present - 40/40 Church Planter